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HQ Prop 5 X 4.6RB Bullnose Pusher Propeller (M5 / 2 X CW)
HQ Prop 5 X 4.6RB Bullnose Pusher Propeller (M5 / 2 X CW)
USD $1.90

Walkera HM V450D03 Helicopter (2.4Ghz Advanced Edition)


USD $649.00 USD $379.00

Walkera HM V450D03 Helicopter (2.4Ghz Advanced Edition) - Walkera-Heli-HMV450D03-DEVO10E

The Lite Version of the Flagship V450D01 Helicopter - Presenting the Walkera V450D03 Flybarless Helicopter
Walkera make different size of helicopters, 450 class helicopters is the market they always want to get some share, so they launched the V450 series some time ago, the V450D01 is the first model, they use high end material like carbon fiber and CNC aluminum, packed with high tech 6-Axis gyro and digital metal gear servos. They revised it a few times, updated some electronics and V450D01 became the flagship model in their product line. However, those carbon fibers and aluminum CNC aren't cheap... the market demands something with a better price tag, that's why they make the V450D03. Fortunately, the V450D03 is no crappy helicopter with downgrade stuff, they keep the same grade electronics like 6-Axis gyro, brushless motor and digital metal gear servos.... they just change the expensive material to carbon fiber reinforced plastics, this lower the cost dramatically, and the result? Everybody's happy, in Price and Performance, this is a good move, well done Walkera!

V450D03 is light, we felt that instantly when we start hovering, light weight gives the heli more direct control and more agility. We also noticed the precision on the rotor head and tail assembly, they have ZERO gaps, nothing is loosen, we found that interesting, Walkera has done a better job on plastic parts than metal parts (Because plastic parts are mass produced from molding, unlike metal CNC work, each one is hand made). Flying the V450D03 is easy, because it has a responsive chassis and very direct control, thanks to the use of Plastic, this is what makes the V450D03 so special. You may say Plastic Heli is cheaper than Carbon Fiber + Metal Heli, well, not exactly, because now-a-days plastic industry has improved a lot, they mix composite material into the plastic, sometimes they are stronger and lighter. Besides, it's no cheap, because Plastic Parts need molding, this molding process cost a lot more than you think, Walkera has taken a bold move. Plastic gives the chassis elasticity, you can actually feel this when you are flying, it feels smoother over that Carbon Fiber and Aluminum helis, that's what makes us love the V450D03.

No matter you are a Beginners or Expert, you will love the V450D03. It has the Stability, thanks to 6-Axis Gyro, it has the Agility and Handling, thanks to the well made Plastic parts, the brushless power system and digital metal gear servos. So if you are a beginner with experience on Co-Axial and Single Rotor Helis, this is your best choice for outdoor heli (Remember to put training kit on the landing skids to start practicing).

100% Pre-Assembled
It's 100% assembled, you can have it flying in just a few minutes out of the box. Just a quick charge of the battery and you are ready for lift off!

Low price with great performance, everything is OK...
This sounds like a Subaru.... right?

Truly a 6-Channel Outdoor 450 Class Helicopter

Flybarless Rotor Head has Less Moving Parts
Save your battery for about 2-3 minutes of flight time! (depends on your flying behavior)

Flybarless Helicopter -the latest version RC Helicopter
Flybarless Rotor Head has many advantages, bottom line, it's much simpler than old design. Flybarless rotor head MUST need a good 3-Axis gyro, and V450D03 has a 6-Axis Gyro, well, even better.

What is a Flybar?
The flybar is a short, thin metal rod placed on top of the helicopter. It is part of the rotor head’s structure, usually attached with a paddle on both ends. The flybar is a stabilizer. The heavier the paddle and longer the flybar, the more stable the heli. However, you can compensate by using the high-tech 3-Axis Gyro (the V450D01 V2 is better, it has 6-Axis Gyro!). The onboard 3D Gyro makes the heli fly so well that it performs just like an ordinary rotor head helicopter.

Why make it "Flybarless"?
Flybarless means less moving parts. That saves energy and allows you to fly 20 to 30 percent longer. Also, less parts mean less repairing. Flybarless is the future of RC helicopters!

It feels light!
Although in numbers, it is not that light, but we "Feel" it is lighter than others.

V450 series has two models - V450D01 and V450D03
V450D01 has Carbon Fiber and Metal, V450D03 has Plastic

"If it's good and came with a good price tag, I will get it as a crash learner"
Well, the V450D03 is good and low price, she can play his role....

READY to FLY package in such High-End Spec - Walkera V450D03
Flybarless 450 platform, 6-Axis Gyro, Brushless Motor, 40A ESC, Digital Metal Gear Servos, Ultra Fast Rudder Servo... you can't find them anywhere at this price.

Plastic sucks?
Nope, not anymore.

Amazing Tail Holding ability
6-Axis Gyro controls the Ultra-fast rudder servo, and the servo tail blade pitch to change heli heading. This linkage is flawless, very precise!

Simple and Tidy 450 class helicopter platform
It has all the good stuff to make a great beginner and expert helicopter.

2.4GHz New Generation Radio System
2.4GHz is the standard of new generation radio system. It offers longer transmission distance, less interference, more stable radio transmission and less legal issue. For traditional radio frequency, helicopters in same frequency cannot fly together because of interference. With 2.4GHz radio system, many helicopters can fly at the same time without interference.

One transmitter does it all! Presenting the Walkera DEVO 10 2.4Ghz Digital Transmitter
Walker DEVO 10 is one of the best Price vs Performance radio system on the market. Usually for more channels, it cost more, now this DEVO 10 has 10 real channels you can use and it comes with a RX1002 10-Channel receiver, this is a crazy bargain which we have not seen for years (It's true!). You may say "Hey, 10 channel radio system for this price, it's gonna be a catch.... ", we also thought the same and we try to spot the catch very hard, and the result - no catch! This DEVO 10 has a clear to read and easy to understand menu, the respond time is so quick, selecting a option is sharp and tidy, Walkera put a new computer chip inside the DEVO 10 and they re-write the program menu, it's Fast and Responsive, we can simply say it's better than the Japanese competitors in Price and Performance. We like this DEVO 10 radio system alot and we recommend this to all RC modelers. Besides, you can use this DEVO 10 for the Walkera DEVO series helis, like the QR-Ladybird, Genius CP, Mini-CP and many to come!

True 10-Channel experience!

The good old WK2801 appearance, but updated with new interface
All functions that suit a beginner or intermediate player's need

Features :
1. Quad-bearing design .Improved quad-bearing design of the Radio sticks makes the control silky and smoothly.
2. 2 Model Type: Helicopter and Airplane. Improved programming with more mixes and better interface Program MIX ,MIX to Throttle.
3. 30-model memory.
4. Online update function:Enjoying update the latest program and copy model data freely and easily.
5. Support Five Languages menu

Specification :
1. Encoder : ARM micro computer system
2. Frequency : 2.4Ghz(DSSS)
3. Output : ≤100mW
4. Battery : 1.2V x 8 NiCard or1.5V x 8 AA dry batteries 

HeliPal.com Sends You Everything!
Do you know? Some online sellers on the market keep some items to make more profit
such as remote controller, Li-Po battery, battery charger or something's you can't imagine.....

This package includes :
1.10-Ch 2.4G DEVO 10 Digital Transmitter (Black Color / White Color)
2. Pre-assembled Helicopter
3. Battery Charger and Power Supply (100V~240V)
( Suitable for your country )
4. 11.1V 2200mAh 30C Li-Po Battery
5. Instruction Manual

V450D03 Specification :
1. Main Rotor Diameter : 712 mm
2. Tail Rotor Diameter : 150 mm
3. Overall Length : 676 mm
4. All-up Weight : 816g (Battery included)
5. Brushless Speed Controller: 40A
6. Gyro : 6 AXIS RX-2703H-D

HeliPal.com Checks and Calibrates Every Single Helicopter Before Shipping!
Do you know how important is it? Trust me, it is VERY IMPORTANT!
Many online sellers don't check and calibrate their products at all because it requires experienced rc pilots and it is very time consuming as well. Helipal.com team checks & calibrates every helicopters, Battery and Battery Charger to ensure everything is in good condition!

HeliPal.com Sends You Correct Power Adapter and Frequency!
There are too many types of power adapters in the world. For example, the power adapter for UK cannot be used in USA. We know the standard of your country and we will send you the correct one. The frequency is different for different countries as well. If you have no idea on what frequency should be used for your country, we will send you the correct one.

Suitable for :

V450D03 is a good Outdoor Helicopter, it uses carbon fiber reinforced plastic as main material, not only giving it a good price tag, they give the helicopter a special "Smooth and Light" flying experience. If you are a beginner, you will love the stability and the low maintenance cost, for experts doing 3D aerobatics, you will love the Agility and Handling. We recommend the V450D03 for players who have experience in Single Rotor Helis before.

Explosion Diagram for V450D03 (click to enlarge)

Product Status : In-Stock

Useful Information :

Get it now for USD $649.00 USD $379.00 only!

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